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Semi Permanent Brows

Posted on 24th Jan 2019

  • What are they - Individual hairs are drawn into the skin with a needle. The pigment is matched to suit your individual hair colour and colouring. Your ideal shape is marked out first. It can also be used to fill out sparse areas of your natural brows.


  • Is it painful - nope, mild discomfort is experienced by some but not many.


  • How long do they last  - Semi permanent brows can last anywhere from 12-18 months initially before a top up is required. It does depends on the individual though as skin type and exposure to UV can have a real impact on the longevity of your brows. Like most things, the more care you take, the longer results last.


  • Healing time - It takes approx. 7-14 days for the brows to heal over, and about 1 month for the colour to fully set in. 2 weeks after treatment you can expect the colour to appear much lighter, only to return on weeks 3-4 as the skin underneath fully heals.

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