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Nifty Fifties

Posted on 4th Apr 2018

Our skin changes in many ways as we get older, the texture, colour and tone of the skin changes and although its a gradual change, it kind of creeps up on you at the same time leaving you a bit confused as to how to make the most of it.

Firstly and most importantly is the texture of the skin. It doesn’t look as smooth and taut as it once did but that does not mean that it can't look great, It can. The key is to make it look as supple and hydrated as you possibly can by using light weight, hydrating and light reflecting products. Steer clean of heavy or matt foundation.
I mention this product so much because i think it’s wonderful but Bio Oil as a base for make up is fantastic. It just puts the life back into your skin.
Use a brush to apply your foundation, the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques is great. Use the brush to buff on the foundation. The more you buff, the more radiant your skin will look.

Look at the undertone of your skin, is it pinkish or yellowish in tone? Look around you neck area or the inside of your forearms to see. If you are unsure, compare to your friends as someone will have a more obvious undertone.
Use this knowledge to select your make up colours, if you have a pink undertone you’ll be more suited to cool colours e.g. pinks, greys and navy.
Yellow toned ladies should go for warmer tones of peach, coral, bronze and brown. This is just a guide but if you get the colouring right it will make a massive difference to the healthy glow we all strive for. The correct tone of blush will reduce your need for bronzer. Smile and apply it just above the apples of the cheeks to keep the cheek bones high.

Our eyes unfortunately start to recede as we age so we have to pick our eye make up style differently. The make up looks i wore i my 20’s would do nothing for me now in my 40’s. Look at your eyes straight on in the mirror. Can you see your lids or are they hooded?
Have they become deep set?

Max the areas you can see, if there isn’t much lid space visible then focus on the lash line. A graphite liner would open the area right up because it will reflect the light. The same with a deep set eye area. Use light reflective products on the lid and lash line to bring the eyes forward.
If you want a smokey look then focus on the outer corners of the eyes, apply anything too dark with add weight to your lids. Add lots of mascara!!

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