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Jordan Liberty and Urban Decay

Posted on 15th Mar 2019

I took an overnight trip to London recently to attend a masterclass with Jordan Liberty. For those of you that don't know him, he's an amazing make up artist/photographer based in L.A. and works on all the major cosmetic campaigns, eg Urban Decay, MAC, Stilla. . . . . . . 


He's also worked on some very famous faces - the KARDASHIANS!!! is there anyone more famous? ? ? ? ? ? ? 


I love his work because he doesn't follow the crowd, his unique style stands out a mile to me, it's polished, fresh yet still a bit edgy.  He always makes the person sitting in his chair more beautiful, honestly something i see less and less of believe it or not. I'm seeing more and more Make up artists trying to create "a look" regardless of whether or not it suits their client.  Make up is too enhance not hide.


The masterclass was amazing and i was very lucky to be gifted some amazing products. The thing that i loved the most was that Jordan achieved a FLAWLESS look without using foundation. Yip, less is more. He's SO into that and so am i. CHeck out Jordan's Instagram to see his stunning work.


Laura xx

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