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FTT Clinic- Hamilton

Posted on 25th Jun 2019

I decided a while ago to start getting serious with my skin care. I was using the most basic of stuff,  which is fine when you have clear and pretty normal skin.  However, i’m in my 40’s now so my skin is ageing and the changes are getting real! Broken capillaries and lack of tone especially. I appreciate this is normal but it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. It can be brightened, redness and pigmentation reduced and most importantly, protected.

I decided to go and have my skin properly analysed and take it from there.


I went to the FTT clinic in Hamilton where Francis did a full analysis on my skin, revealing my broken capillaries and sun damage on my face.  

She explained the difference real prescribed skin care can make so I reckoned it would be well worth the investment. 

So here is my daily skin care regime. It’s quick and easy.

1. I wash my face with their exfoliating cleanser.  I noticed and felt a difference immediately with this. My skin felt soft, glowy and really clean. 

2.  Vitamin C antioxidant serum by FTT clinic ( there very own skincare) for during the day on my freshly cleansed skin.  This brightens and reduces pigmentation and redness.

3. Lastly I apply my tinted SPF 50 and I’m done!  This is enough for me in place of foundation. It’s by Abagai and it’s lovely. 


For or evening I replace the vitamin C serum for a retinol serum. Retinol is the only thing that will work towards anti ageing, it’s an active ingredient that actually works. 


There you have it, just a few products is all that’s required. I’m really excited as the team at FTT are absolute pro’s with soooo much knowledge so I know I’m in good hands.  I will report back in a little while some honest feedback. 


Laura x 

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