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Airbrushing With Airbase

Posted on 20th Jan 2018

Airbase is a silicone based formulation which feels beautiful and luxurious on the skin. It does not clog your pores therefore allowing your skin to breathe. Silicone is heat resistant, non stick and pliable which means your Airbase application lasts all day.


Why Choose Airbrushing?


When you spray using an airbrush it atomises the product making the particles of make up tiny, therefore less visible. It just looks like flawless skin. This is why airbrush make up is used for TV and film as HD TV picks up minuscule details. Airbase is used on X-Factor, Loose Women, Dancing on Ice and Strictly Come Dancing.


Transformation Video


Watch the video below to see Laura’s before and after results on a recent client.


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